DIWALI MELA - Dallas Festival of Lights

Presented by

Mystic Mandala, Media Partner - FunAsia 
3131 Custer Road Ste # 265 Plano Texas 75075

October 27, 2018





  1. Please only commercial establishments apply.

  2. Contact Vijay Warman (972-750-1419) with following details -

      A) Business Name and complete address

      B) Contact Person Name and Email, Phone Number

      C) Copy of the Food Permit from the city of establishment

      D) Copy of the latest active food inspection report

  3. Request with any of the above information missing will not be considered

  4. SouthFork Ranch has exclusive rights to sell alcohol beverages at the festival. Distribution or sale of alcohol beverages by Food booth vendors is strictly prohibited.

  5. Make check payable to Mystic Mandala. Applications with complete required documents and payment must be received before Oct 5, 2018.





Post these deadline dates, booths will not be guaranteed.

    Vendor Booth Information

  1. Size: 10 x 10, 1 six feet table, 2 chairs. Additional table available for fees of $20/table. Multiple booths available by joining the individual booth space if you would like to spread your business more than standard booth area or have multiple businesses.

  2. Booth Fees for "For Profit" business is $350/booth (Check or Credit Card). Booth Fees for "Non Profit" business is $250/booth (Check only).

  3. Non Profit business must provide proof of 501(c)(3) along with the application. Email copy to DallasFestivalofLights@gmail.com.

  4. For any further clarification, contact Vijay at 972-750-1419 or DallasFestivalofLights@gmail.com.

    Eligible Product/Services and Display

  5. Payment in full MUST be submitted within one week of application submission. No partial payments or deposits will be accepted. No one will be allowed to pay upon arrival at the festival. Applications with only complete payment are considered as accepted for festival participation.

  6. Vendors may only show and sell work from the category in which they have been accepted. If there is any item of work not listed in the application, management will prohibit the installation and operation of such exhibits.

  7. All articles and displays must be in good taste with no reference to race, ethnic, gender, sexual, or religious prejudice. No obscene items will be allowed.

  8. All displays must be designed, constructed and operated in good taste.

  9. All displays, transactions, signage, and activities must be confined to vendor’s assigned space. Signs, tents, canopies or any other part or display may not extend over or into walkways.

  10. Booths will not be sublet or shared with another vendor or artist unless prior approval of Vijay Warman.

  11. Only Food vendors, SouthFork Ranch have exclusive rights to sell food & beverages at the festival. Distribution or sale of food and beverages by Non-Food booth vendors is strictly prohibited.

  12. Distribution of any material in the SouthFork Ranch or in parking lots by any unauthorized vendors or persons are strictly prohibited and are subject to removal from the premises.

    Booth Set up and Logistics

  13. Booths will be allocated by the team 2 days prior to the event. All decisions of the team are final and not subject to revocation.

  14. You must arrive between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM from designated vendor entry gate.

  15. You will receive your tickets and parking pass to enter the festival venue SouthFork Ranch prior to the festival. Anyone missed will receive this upon arrival at the gate. If you need more tickets, you can buy them online or at the venue.

  16. Festival team will provide your booth number at the gate.

  17. SouthFork Ranch staff will not allow any cars to enter after 2:00 PM. Not being able to make it during this time window will be considered as No-Show and application fees will not be refunded. Organizers will decide to use the open space appropriately.

  18. All vehicles must be parked in designated vendor parking. Any vehicle obstructing and not in designated area will be towed away by the SouthFork Ranch authorities.

  19. Festival team and volunteers will be available to guide till 2:30 PM. Post 2:30 PM, they will move on to focus on other needs of the festival.

  20. All booths must be set up and manned by 4:30 PM. Festival hours are 5 PM to midnight.

  21. If you have to restock from your trailer or vehicle during festival hours, bring a dolly and please be prepared to do so yourself.

  22. There will be appropriate lighting in the booths. If you need more to showcase your products, you will have to make your arrangements.

  23. Tables do not have electric outlet. Electric outlets available on request at additional price. If you steal electricity you will be asked to leave festival immediately.

  24. Vendors are responsible for their personal and property liability.

  25. All Booths will need to be closed at 11:30 PM. You will not be allowed to bring in your vehicles to load your belongings until all people have been vacated from the premises.

  26. Vendors give us their consent to use their booth pictures in Social/Print and all other Media for promotion of subsequent events organized by Mystic Mandala.

  27. NO ANIMALS (including pets) are allowed with the exception of identifiable service dogs.

    Payment Information

  28. Make check payable to Mystic Mandala with your business name mentioned. Mail in address – 3131 Custer Road, Suite #265, Plano, TX 75075.

  29. Credit Card Payment applicable only for "Non-Food For-Profit" business – Click Here, Includes $15 processing fees.

  30. The application fee is non-refundable unless the organizers cancel the event.

Application for Participation

Vendor Information

Business Name

Contact person

Mailing Address

City, State, Zip

Business Phone

Cell Phone

E-Mail Address


List Arts/Crafts/Products that you seek approval for display

List two festivals in which you have participated as a vendor/exhibitor, in the last 18 months.


Non-Food Booth (For-Profit Organization): $350 per booth.

Non-Food Booth (Non-Profit Organization): $250 per booth.

Electric Outlet Required:

Yes No
(If yes, there is an additional charge)

Additional Table Required:

Yes No
(If yes, there is an additional charge)


Agreement on Terms and Conditions:

I have read and understood all provided information, and the stated Terms and Conditions of the participation. I agree to release and hold harmless and indemnify the Dallas Festival of Lights, Mystic Mandala and all its partners, Directors, Employees and Volunteers, Vijay Warman, from any responsibility, personal liability, loss or damage in connection with the festival. By submitting this application, I confirm that I agree to abide by all the above stated Terms and Conditions.

Payment Information

(Payment in full required with application)

Check - Applicable for all booth types. All checks written out to “Mystic Mandala”, with your business name and mailed to our Corporate Office
3131 Custer Road, Suite #265, Plano, Texas 75075.

Credit Card : Applicable only for "Non-Food For-Profit" Booth. Click Here, Includes $15 processing fees