Dallas Festival of lights

Presented by

Mystic Mandala & Dhyana Yoga Center 
3131 Custer Road Ste # 265 Plano Texas 75075


Application for Participation

Dance School Information

Business Name

Contact person

Mailing Address

City, State, Zip

Business Phone

Cell Phone

E-Mail Address


Description of Dance – Folk/Classical/Bollywood

List two festivals, other than the Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness, in which you have participated, in the last 18 months.


Fees : $150 only

Payment Information

(Payment in full required with application)

Payment type: Please use the link provided on the website for secure transactions. There will be a processing fees of $10 on credit cards.
All payments must be accompanied the application duly filled out.
Cheque - No Fees.
All cheques written out to “Dhyana Yoga Center” and mailed to our Corporate Office
Dhyana Yoga Center, 3131 Custer Road #265 Plano, Texas 75075

Credit Card & Paypal - Fees Apply.
Credit Card : squareup.com/store/HolisticFestivalofLife

Terms and Conditions

If your school is selected to be on stageat the Dallas Festival of Lights, you agree to release and hold harmless and indemnify the Dallas Festival of Life and Wellness Board, Dhyana Yoga Center and Mystic Mandala and all its partners, Directors, Employees and Volunteers, Shefali Thapa, Vijay Warman and Jennifer Rae, from any responsibility, personal liability, loss or damage in connection with the festival. By signature below I confirm that I have read and understand all rules and regulations set forth by the Dallas Festival of Lights and that I will comply with all rules and regulations.

Rules and regulations


1. All articles, dance props and themes and displays must be in good taste with no reference to race, ethnic, gender, sexual, or religious prejudice. No obscene items will be allowed. All costumes, props, moves, etc must be appropriate for a cultural and family audience.

2. Maximum number of performers is 20.

3. Performance time cannot exceed 5 Minutes.

4. School coordinator has to bring music in both CD and MP3 format on a pen drive.

Display & set up

1. Dance School will be provided 2 chairs and a display table. All displays must be designed, constructed and operated in good taste.

2. All displays, transactions, signage, and activities must be confined to exhibitor’s assigned space. Signs, tents, canopies or any other part or display may not extend over or into walkways.

3. Booths may not be sublet or shared with another exhibitor or artist unless prior approval has been taken from either Jennifer Rae or Vijay Warman.

4. All booths must be set up and manned by 5 PM of the show.

5. All vehicles must be removed from the public entrances by 5 PM. All vehicles should be parked in designated vendor parking.

7. 6PM to midnight are the Expo Hours.

10. Exhibitors are responsible for their personal and property liability.

11. Dance schools are responsible for their all their children and performers, please keep an eye on them and have a responsible designated adult to be with them AT ALL TIMES. Incase of an emergency please call 911.


1. NO ANIMALS (including pets) are allowed with the exception of identifiable service dogs.

2. NO Outside alcoholic beverages, food, firearms, and controlled substances are prohibited. Any violation will result in immediate removal from the premises and legal action.

3. NO political rallies, speeches, campaign handbills or political solicitations of any kind are allowed at the Festival, both inside and outside the fenced areas.

4. Electricity is a paid amenity and is limited to those who specifically need it to demonstrate their craft, food production or other necessary functions.

5. Payment in full MUST be submitted with an application. No partial payments or deposits will be accepted. No one will be allowed to pay upon arrival at the festival. A canceled check does not indicate acceptance.

6. The application fee is non-refundable unless the organizers cancel the event.

7. A signed application constitutes a contract to follow all rules and regulations. It is a contract to participate, personally, if accepted.

8. As a participant, you give us your consent to use your booth pictures and performance pictures and videos in Social/Print and all other Media for promotion of subsequent events organized by Mystic Mandala.

9 .All participants are free admission. Each school will be given 6 admission passes. Parents/Guardians and other members need to purchase tickets.

For ALL schools to get signed by their members and their parents(if dependent)
Dallas Festival of Lights

All participants from the school must read and sign below. In the following statements, the “I” is each individual signing this form or their legal guardian incase the participant is not 18 years or older. I hereby agree with the organizers of the Dallas Festival of Lights, that I will not bring about any suit of action of law, prosecute, or in any way aid the prosecution of any claim or action from damages, expenses or compensation for or on account of any and all known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen bodily and personal injuries, damage to personal property, and the consequences thereof, resulting from my participation in the Dallas Festival of Lights. I understand that any property damage, temporary or permanent, which I cause, is solely my responsibility. I have read, understood, and agreed to accept and abide by the conditions listed above and throughout this application.


Signature of Legal Guardian/Parent

We thank you for your interest in the Dallas Festival of Lights 2018!

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